Our Commitment to Quality

Civis Code of Practice

The primary objective of a Civis consultant is to act ethically and morally at all times, maintaining transparency and consistency, and delivering services with the best intentions to our clients and all their stakeholders.

Our Brand Promise to you

Our consultants are committed to providing outstanding services demonstrated in the following ways:

  • First rate communicators and facilitators - Building effective relationships with stakeholders
  • Committed to transparency - Addressing human challenges actively through open dialogue
  • Determination to Do The Right Thing - Addressing any perceived challenge of ethics even if it requires engaging in difficult conversations
  • State of presence - Engaging client stakeholders with presence means investing the energy required for quality interactions, including active listening and communication feedback loops
  • Creativity & Innovation - Engaging challenges with an open mind, inviting clients to explore possibilities outside their usual norm
  • Vision & Trust - Inspiring clients in our everyday interactions

Code of Practice

This Code of Practice applies to all consultants providing services for which clients are billed. The Civis Code of Practice was created in consultation with industry stakeholders to ensure that all our consultants conduct their business ethically and to the highest standards.

Ethical Consulting

Ethical consultants operate from principles which define ethical behavior and guide their actions. Our ethical principles are documented in a Code of Practice so that our consultants are able to recognize ethical dilemmas and have at least one tool to use in assessing and adressing those dilemmas. Consultants must be able to recognize ethical dilemmas and have at least one tool to use to assess and address the dilemma.

Civis consultants make every effort to understand the culture, or personality, of our client organization. The culture is reflected in a variety of values, some of them actually enacted and others that are referred by members of the organization. Ethical behaviors should conform to the values of that culture, AS WELL AS those professional values of the firm.