Cultural Assessments

Assessment results are presented in the form of a report to the project sponsors, and supported by a Cultural Competence workshop introducing the different cultural dimensions, exploring risks/activities, recommendations, and mitigation tactics. The resulting assessment is a rich, comprehensive and in-depth snapshot of the organization’s culture, including an understanding of cultural strength; cultural strength is reflected in level of cohesion that is found in the results of survey and interviews.

Survey-based Quantitative

These measures provide the type of data that are useful for relating culture to performance. The Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI)* measures the operating cultures of organizations in terms of behavioral norms, or “what’s expected” of members. It includes 120 statements describing behaviors that might be expected or implicitly required of members of an organization. The results of the assessment are mapped on a circumplex — a circular graph divided into 12 sections highlighting the cultural aspects associated to business volatility, vulnerability or sustainability.

Interview-based Qualitative

These assessments are powerful tools often best indicated to decode complex human dynamics, especially behavior-based (objective) and trait-based (subjective) orientations. Cultural experts can draft an accurate snapshot of your organization or group's culture including an assessment of your most important cultural drivers, of your change capacity, and of your strategic risks if applicable. Qualitative Culture Assessments leverage the use of custom surveys for targeted audiences, combined with on-site interviews across the organization.

The Balanced Approach

An ideal mix of quantitative and qualitative measures that provides an in-depth cultural assessment that contains all Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) * measures, on-site dynamics, cultural drivers, change capacity. It is also supplemented with a Strategic Analysis Report that includes key recommendations for alignment to your mission-critical objectives and long-range corporate goals.

(*) Organizational Culture Inventory and OCI are registered trademarks of Human Synergistics International

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Includes definitions and information on the different components of culture, details on details on artifacts/behaviors/values, and what creates complexity in Culture Management initiatives.

Our Approach to Cultural Assessments

A pre-engagement session will identify any cultural topics which may require survey customization

Your survey is then administered to random sample(s) of employees within the pre-engagement scope

Your survey results undergo a primary analysis

Individual interviews are scheduled with stakeholders throughout different hierarchy levels to explore key cultural themes and probe on cultural challenges identified by the primary analysis

Interview results are combined with survey data and primary analysis to put the cultural information in-context


Cultural Competence Workshop to deliver the results

Change starts at the Top

Executive Programs & Cultural Competency Training
Civis can facilitate targeted sessions tailored to senior leadership needs. Executive solutions are often a blend of strategic alignment, senior coaching and change delivery. To learn more about executive programs and cultural competency training click here